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Our Design Collaboration Framework

To design the best transporters for businesses, we developed a design framework as a guide to allow for better collaboration between our company and yours. Our design collaboration framework allows us to fully understand you and your needs, in order to produce the best possible solution for you. With Ringo’s customizable storage, we use this framework to develop a design that best suits your operational needs.

Our Design Collaboration Framework

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Understanding your needs

In this first stage, we take the time to first listen to your operational pain points so as to truly understand your needs of a transporter and the limitations you are working within. To do so, we would like to to have discussions with you and if possible, head down to the operation grounds to observe the site, end-users and work flow.

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Concept Generation

In Stage 2, we would have gathered enough information to pitch several concept ideas to you with sketches, 3-D modeled images and scaled-down prototypes. You will get to easily imagine the look of the end-product and pick your favourite to move forward with.

Product Development

The third stage is the most exciting one! This is when we work to bring the product to life. You will see the product take shape and mature into the transporter you dreamed of. Like a puzzle, the pieces will be put together to form a futuristic and sophisticated customized transporter. It may be the longest stage, but I assure you it is worth the wait.

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Pilot Trial

Here it is, the time to see your transporter in action. Take it for a trial run with the end-users and your operations. We will observe how it fairs in terms of user experience and operational practicality. Not to worry, it does not end here! The pilot trial is for us to know what adjustments to do, to make it better.

Final Prototype Adjustments

This is the last step before the final prototype is yours to keep. Minor changes based on the feedback we gathered during the pilot trial will be made. We want to make sure it is finely tuned for you.

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If you like what we have made and want more of it, we can take it to production and have it properly certified to commercial standards. This way, you will be able to purchase in bulk and at a lower cost.